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Hello and welcome to Think To Rich! I am Iain Davenport, a graphic designer from New Orleans, with a strong affinity for the world of finance.

This how it all started

As a person who loves to tweak designs and renders, I always knew that I wanted to become a graphic designer. My interest has always been piqued by the odd combination of color gradients, and abstract dimensions as they somehow merge to form something peculiar that catches your eye, whether they be simple product designs, or something that showed up on famous album covers. Added to my sketching skills and ability to go on creative tangents, it always felt like the most appropriate way for me to monetize my skills. 

There are times in most people’s lives, however,  when they experience a cash crunch, which happened to me about 5 years ago when I was left with no place to live, and just a laptop to work with. It was then that I realised, that regardless of the profession you pursue, you need to organize your finances. Since then, I took it upon myself to manage my money better and learn more about the world of finance.

As I began to notice some visible changes in my monetary habits, I realised that there are many like me across the country, with a drive to succeed, but little knowledge of using money well. So, I thought to myself, why not share what I have learned through a blog to help those in need of financial advice?

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If you’re one who is trying to carve his or her own spot under the sun, it is crucial for you to understand how money and the world of finance work. You may have already begun investing your money, but there is always room to learn more and set yourself up for what the future presents to you, regardless of whether it is a money issue or an investment opportunity of a lifetime. If you need any advice, or if you would like to discuss a particular financial plan you have, do reach out as I am only a message away!